Google+ French Bulldog Puppies Playing Together

French Bulldog Puppies

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Check out these five gorgeous French Bulldog puppies.




gardenstateheroes says:


wyrtt123 says:

and they got him a few days ago and i love your do that looks like my nehbours dog and i like 43

Kangaroo9197 says:

2:10 He´s the fuckin boss !

SwaBulldog says:

Not at the moment ..
We ceep you al informd on our site of “De Petit Farouche”

sdfrenchbully says:

They are so cute. Do you have any available ?

Aaronlolmoddedremoe says:

That is so cute wen it hops. Omg!

lizzyrox1999 says:

I have 2 they r awesome! The puppy kind is the best!

RantingTrent says:

.hack music + french bulldog puppies = Perfection 😀

spanishangel77 says:

we just had frenchie puppies 3 weeks ago and we love them cant wait till they are this age lol

warlockhunte89 says:

i want 1 so bad but they r hella expensive

Lovejoyperson123 says:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! but not as cute as beaagle puppies! but thats my opinion, i only have beagles, so yea

xxxBbykaitexxx says:

there so cutee!!!!! :]

thewormcake says:

0:40 best dog evar

Jewlz88 says:

Theyre the cutest thinnnnnnng!

xkateejoiiix says:

oh my god, this is so beautifuuul, the one that bounces around is sooo cute! im dying too have one of these! x

thedudeofstr says:

freakin cute! i have 2 french bulldogs and a pug

alerga says:

So Cute…

Chingawing says:

They are so cute

xLushiee says:

Look at their little pudgy faces! They are so adorable. I am getting a frenchie at xmas , i can’t wait.

Cute video! 0:41 and when the are walking are just adorable x3 cute video , five stars.

chiefwaz says:

that walk is hilarious

belen7 says:

i laughed so freakin’ hard at 0:41

hoodlumdemish says:

their hops are utterly irresistible!!!


hipolitstonis says:

too cute to be ture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

genvithenameless says:

sooo lovely~ I love how they hop like that

nathaliebillaudeau says:

Whaooouuuu, your puppies are beautiful, they are very cute !!!It’s a great pleasure to see them. That video it’s simply fantastic !
Friendly. Big kiss to Titus. Nathalie.

yacel65 says:

oooh what cute those full belly’s, love them 😉

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